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9 Travel Bloggers Share Their Travel Beauty Routine & Tips

If you’re traveling, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your beauty routine. In fact, you have to pay extra attention to it since changes in the environment can impact the health of your skin. We chatted with 9 travel bloggers passionate about beauty to ask them about their favorite travel destinations and some beauty tips they swear by when traveling. If you love both beauty and travel, read below!

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Uncornered Market

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the duo behind Uncornered Market. They are based in Berlin and love to travel the world. Their favorite locations they have ever visited are Kyrgyzstan and Italy (since they were married in Tuscany). When deciding on their next travel destination, they ask themselves what their goals and needs are, and consider the budget, timespan, etc. In 2019, they hope to visit Malta, Ukraine, and Brazil. Here are their travel beauty tips and necessities:

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Since sleep (next to water) is the best beauty aid, wear earplugs (Howard Leight earplugs are our favorites) and an eye mask. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is an excellent, clean way to moisturize. Sunscreen is important; go with the highest SPF you can find. Tea tree oil is excellent for bites, cuts, abrasions, and minor disinfecting. We arrange all of this (and our clothes) in Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes and Eagle Creek Compression Cubes.

beauty Route tips by chloe

Wanderlust Chloe

Wanderlust Chloe is a UK travel blogger that left her media job in 2014 and started an adventure through Central America, Mexico, and Cuba. From that moment on, her passion for travel only grew more intense, and in 2015, she visited 15 countries. When it comes to travel beauty routine on the go, this is what she has to say:

I tend to be away around 2 weeks of each month so I have learned the art of compact beauty! I have a few basics I take everywhere – foundation, bronzer, mascara and lip colour. Then, when I have more space, I take my fave set of eyeshadows and a few other items too. It can be quite hard to really look after my skin when I’m travelling so much, but I always wear SPF and take my make up off with a good remover or face wipes before bed. My favourite brands are Urban Decay and Benefit – I just love the quality and they have that sense of fun too!

beauty Route tips by Cory

You Could Travel

Another travel blog run by a husband and wife, You Could Travel, shares the experiences of traveling together, from where to go to where to stay, what to do, and so on. We spoke to Cory, one of the halves of You Could Travel, to learn more about how she and her husband take care of their skin and hair while traveling:

When we travel, both my husband and I use a very good face moisturizer from Polaar. We both use perfumes from Dior (his and hers) and facial wet wipes for sensitive skin in the morning and evening. We both use a delicate shower gel from Molton Brown. When we travel, we use Lush solid shampoos, which save space and are also better for the environment. My husband sometimes uses a hair wax, but I don’t tend to use anything for my hair during travels or otherwise. We always make space for sunscreen and a small bottle of Moroccan oil serum in case we visit a windy/sandy destination. Our favorite beauty product is the mighty lip balm from Burt’s Bees.

We were also curious about Cory’s travel beauty routine, so she shared a bit about that as well:

My travel make-up routine is exactly the same as what I do at home. I use a concealer from Dior and a blush from Clinique. I never use foundation or anything related. I use my Heroine jet black eyeliner, which I order from Japan and finish off with mascara from Heroine as well. Sometimes, I use the Lash Paradise Mascara from L’Oreal. If I go to a special event during my travels, I sometimes use my Urban Decay Naked palette before applying my eyeliner. I usually finish off with lip balm or, for fancier evenings, I put red lipstick on from Dior.

beauty Route tips by Colleen Lanin

Travel Mamas

Travel Mamas is a travel website where 4 traveling moms share their experiences traveling with kids. From travel tips to packing lists, stories about children and travel, and the importance of traveling without your kids once in a while, their blog is a great resource for parents with a passion for travel. We talked to the original Travel Mama, Colleen Lanin, who shared her travel beauty routine and tips with us:

I am sure to pack my own hair dryer because those provided by hotels often are too weak for round-brushing my fine, straight hair. I also pack my shampoo and conditioner because some hotel-provided products can be damaging and sub-par. My favorite makeup items at home or while traveling are the Porefessional Face Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance — these help keep makeup in place during a long day of exploring. I’m also a big fan of Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder; it’s great for keeping your skin even-toned in photos.


beauty Route tips by Shannon O’Donnell

A Little Adrift

A Little Adrift focuses on responsible travel, exploring other cultures and communities, and traveling with respect and purpose. Shannon O’Donnell, the blog owner, has been traveling the world since 2008. Her favorite place she visited was Vietnam; her 2019 travel destinations are Peru, Kyrgyzstan, and Ethiopia. When deciding where to travel, she pairs intriguing locations with practicality (traveling nearby for work or having friends heading that way). She told us about her travel beauty routine and must-haves when traveling:

I am a minimalist traveler, so I bring just a few products that will have a bigger impact. I carry eyeliner, mascara, a Sephora travel-sized eyeshadow kit, and tinted chapstick. Beyond that, I use Cerave AM and PM moisturizers; they come in 3oz bottles, so they’re perfect for travelers, and the ingredients consistently soothe my skin no matter the climate, local water, or long travel day ahead.

beauty Route tips by James and his wife

The Savvy Backpacker

James and Susan are a husband and wife that travel around Europe and share their stories and wisdom with their readers at The Savvy Backpacker. Their main focus is on traveling on a budget. Since Susan loves makeup and beauty products, she also wrote an article where she talks about what her beauty essentials are when traveling.

If you want to pack just a few products, she recommends some staples: moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, concealer, and blush or lip multi-tasker. In terms of skincare, she recommends packing a makeup remover, moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen. For makeup, pack a foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip product. When it comes to haircare, she recommends dry shampoo because it’s perfect when you don’t have that much time to style your hair.

beauty Route tips by Heather

Heather on her Travels

Heather from Heather on her Travels loves visiting Greece. From waking up to a blue sky every day to lazy days at the beach and lunch with a sea view, this is her favorite travel destination. For people who want to travel more in 2019, she recommends Greece, Japan (which is also on her future travel list), and Bristol, a great city break destination. Before choosing her next travel destination, Heather goes on social media to see where other people are traveling. She looks for places with gorgeous landscapes, an interesting culture, and great food. This is what she has to say about her travel beauty routine:

I like to travel light and so I keep a small toiletry bag ready to grab and go with all my beauty essentials. I decant my favourite beauty products into travel size pots, pack sample sachets I may have been given at the beauty counter, or pick up travel sized items like shampoo at the airport. When travelling I try to streamline my beauty routine and look for products that multi-task.

beauty Route tips by Jessica

Journeys with Jessica

Last but not least, we wanted to see what Jessica from Journeys with Jessica had to say about beauty and travel. Her favorite city she has ever visited is Rome, Italy, for its food and history. In 2019, she planned to visit Australia, Spain (via an inter-railing trip between Barcelona and Madrid), and Estonia – more specifically, Tallinn. When choosing her next travel destination, she first checks her bucket list. She also engages her social media followers and makes polls so that they can decide where she will travel next. Here are her thoughts on a travel beauty routine and kit:

Regarding my beauty travel kit, when I’m on the road, I always pack light and try to take as little as possible. Who needs to wear a full face of make up when you’re off exploring the world?! I keep it minimal but always make sure to cleanse, tone, and moisturise my face using my favourite Nivea products, and use a light concealer to cover my blemishes and give my face a little glow. Other than that, I keep it really simple and just cleanse and exfoliate before bed in the evenings! I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teenager, so keeping it simple and wearing as little on my face as possible really helps to control my skin when I’m travelling and not sticking to my normal daily routine.

beauty Route tips by Michele

The Intrepid Guide

Michele from The Intrepid Guide was the next person we talked to about travel and beauty. Michele’s favorite country is Italy, and her favorite city is Rome. In terms of 2019 travel destinations, she recommends São Miguel Island, where you can swim with the dolphins, Costa Brava in Spain, which is the home region of Salvador Dalí, and Egypt, where you should visit Cairo and the cities and monuments around the Nile. She urges people to remember safety when choosing a travel destination, as well as transportation, health, and the local language. Here are Michele’s tips and go-to products when traveling:

Taking all my favourite beauty products away for a short weekend trip whilst flying with low-cost airlines can be tricky. Instead of paying extra to check in my luggage for the sake of taking all my large and odd-shaped containers, I’ve started putting all my creams and liquids (and even toothpaste) into these tiny screw top containers. This way, I don’t have to pick and choose what I can take or sacrifice any part of my beauty routine.

For long-haul flights, I have two go-to items I always keep in my carry-on luggage that help me feel fresh. One is my Compact Benefit concealer which I use for touching up my makeup and for brightening up the area around my eyes. Since the flying can be so dehydrating, I can’t live without my hand cream. I use Love and Light by Lush. It’s super light and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Final Thoughts

What is your travel beauty routine? Do you stick to your regular products but buy travel-sized ones, or do you have a completely different kit you take with you? We hope these 9 travel bloggers have inspired not only your next travel destination but also your skin care and makeup routine when traveling. Let’s start a conversation in the comments sharing all sorts of tips and tricks that help create a flawless travel beauty routine.

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