Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shapes with these Pro Tips

Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shapes with these Pro Tips

Well-kept eyebrow shapes do more to enhance your natural beauty than any other facial features. Know your eyebrows and how to keep them in perfect shape with these pro tips. Sometimes, achieving the ideal shape and structure is tedious, perhaps even painful. Our pro tips will help you work toward achieving that perfectly defined arch and the eyebrow shapes you always wanted. Let’s get started!


Mark the Starting Point of the Eyebrow

There’s a starting point for everything, including shaping eyebrows. As such, here’s the first step towards achieving the perfect eyebrow shapes.


eyebrow shaping


  • Use your tweezers or an eyebrow pencil to pinpoint the exact starting point of your eyebrows.
  • Place the tweezers or eyebrow pencil vertically, starting from the bottom of your nose. Ensure the pencil or tweezers are near the outer edge of the nose.
  • The upper point of your tool of choice will land precisely on the starting point of your eyebrow.
  • Use an eyeliner or a pencil brow to mark the starting point with a vertical line.
  • After repeating the procedure for both eyebrows, ensure that the bridge of your nose is mid-way between the two marks.
  • For a perfect eyebrow shape, start by plucking the stray hairs which fall between the two markings.


Mark the End Points (tail) of the Eyebrows

The second step of the ‘how to shape eyebrows’ saga is marking the endpoints of the eyebrows. Using the same tool as for the previous step, do the following:

  • Lay the eyebrow pencil or tweezers on an angle starting from the outer edge of your nose.
  • The other end of the tweezers or pencil should be placed at the outer corner of your eye.
  • Mark the intersection point between your eyebrow and the tool of your choice. Any stray hairs outside this marking should also be plucked.

The two basic steps for eyebrow shaping are now completed. Next…


Determine the Thickness of Your Eyebrows

How to shape your eyebrows, right? After determining the start and end points of your brows, you must determine their thickness. All you need to do for the perfect eyebrow shapes:

  • Use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to draw a clear contour line following the bottom edge of your eyebrow.
  • Start drawing the line just where the brow is the fullest.
  • Follow the natural contour and shape line of your eyebrows shapes at the top.
  • Remember that while you can change the shape of your eyebrows, the perfect eyebrow shape is the one that follows the natural line.
  • Once you’ve got the contour, pluck any stray hairs left outside the line.

eyebrow shape


Shape the Eyebrow Arch

A well-defined eyebrow arch means perfect eyebrow shapes. Here’s how to get that goddess-worthy arch:

  • Ditch the magnifying mirror. Take a normal mirror and look straight into it. Don’t look from above or below as it will change your perspective and the arch angle.
  • The eyebrow arch should match the point where the iris is located as you’re looking straight into the mirror. At the same time, the arch should lie on the bone, not below or above.
  • Find the peak point of the arch and mark it using an eyeliner or brow pencil.
  • Remove hairs beneath, from the starting point of the brow to the peak point of the arch.
  • Shape the eyebrow tail.


Essential Tools You Need for the Perfect Eyebrow Shapes

You need a good eyebrow shaping kit to achieve the perfect eyebrow shapes. This list is spot on:

  • Eyebrow Pencils. Eyebrow pencils with brushes on end are ideal for correcting your eyebrows’ shape and filling them.
  • Eyebrow Powder. This staple in the kit may become your best ally if you have patchy eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow Scissors. After brushing the eyebrows upwards, all you need to do is trim the extra-long hairs.
  • Tweezers. A must-have staple in everyone’s eyebrow shaping kit.
  • Eyebrow Serum. If your eyebrows are too thin, use a good-quality serum to promote their growth.
  • Eyebrow Highlighter. This staple can take many forms. Nonetheless, it will work wonders in highlighting the shape of your eyebrows if applied underneath the arches.
  • Eyebrow Gel. Keep each hair under control with clear eyebrow gel.


Achieve the Perfect Thin Eyebrow Shapes

If you completed all the above steps, let’s talk about achieving the perfect eyebrow shapes for thin brows. Here’s what you need to do once you’ve got the outline of your eyebrows figured out.


eyebrow shape


  • Fill the eyebrow head with an eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than the natural color of your hair. Try to use short pencil strokes that may well be mistaken for natural hairs.
  • Fill the eyebrow body. Focus on areas that seem sparser than the rest. Overdoing it can create this unwanted artificial, bulky look.
  • Fill the eyebrow tail.
  • Brush the eyebrows to help the eyebrow pencil blend with the natural hairs.


Achieve the Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Thick Eyebrows

Different eyebrow shapes and eyebrow types require different grooming strategies. For beautiful thick eyebrows, check these pro tips.

  • Pluck the hairs which stray from the natural brow line. Move against the grain for best results.
  • Any thick stray hair above the eyebrow arch will be unpleasantly conspicuous and will ruin your perfect eyebrow shape. Thus, they, too, need to be plucked out.
  • Thick eyebrows are usually accompanied by thin, dark hairs which cloud the eyebrow from temple to forehead. Use a delicate eyebrow razor to remove such hair from the top of the eyebrow to the temples.
  • Shape your eyebrows nicely with a clear eyebrow gel.

There are many eyebrow shapes in this world, each unique in relation to face shape, hair color, and overall appearance. Consequently, don’t try to fight the natural shape of your eyebrows. Groom it, learn to love it, and use these pro tips to get the perfect eyebrow shapes while following their natural line.

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